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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
came out to bless the school. he also spoke of the tragic events that happened friday in connecticut. william laurie led the diocese that included newtown. >> we must present to end the culture of death and violence that is so much a part of our larger culture and so that our young people, our little ones, will be safe. quex also the archbishop joined stephanie rawlings blake and senator barbara mikulski and windy spencer at the dedication at the national civilian conservation corps campus in baltimore. >> american pediatricians say that thimerosol should not be banned. it was removed from most vaccines in 1999 because of concerns of being linked to autism or other neurological problems. since then, several reviews have found no such evidence. some experts say keep it out of the red states but in other countries with -- keep it out of the u.s. it is used to create multi dess vaccines and it can allow for more children to be vaccinated. we all know how important pap tests are to screen for cervical cancer. davitt happens to you is natural to think what is next. what can you expect if
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
the mass murders at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut, we have been looking at new information on gun sales year in maryland. barry simms as the latest numbers, and there is a noticeable increase? >> we have contacted maryland state police on the purchase of gun applications and it does appear that those numbers are on the rice. the bushmaster rifle that adam lanza used in the newtown, connecticut killings was legally owned by his mother. he shot her four times in the head before going to sandy hook elementary school and killing 20 children and six female educators. calls for increased school safety, and at the same time, gun sales are on the increase. in november, there were more than 7200 gun purchase applications filed peeping >> we are projecting that we're looking at over 8200 barack applications being processed. >> more than 46,000 applications were processed. at the end of 2012, state police project 62,000 applications will be handled. state troopers will not speculate on why. some reasons are apparent -- the holiday season, some lawmakers proposing changes to gun laws.
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
the more rigid shooting a few weeks ago that left 26 children and adults dead at a connecticut school. the task force findings are sure to be controversial. the task force includes police, prosecutors, gun rights advocates and mental-health professionals. it is said to recommend steps to keep guns away from people with mental illness without unfairly discriminating against anyone. among the recommendations, better training of police and school personnel to identify patterns of mental illness. develop ways of sharing information. the report will deal with the most controversial question, when and how to take guns away from someone deemed to be dangerous, and when to give guns back if someone has gone through mental health treatment. sure to raise the question, should those people ever get their weapons back? the recall is sure to play a role in new gun-control legislation promised by legislative leaders. the shooting earlier this month left 20 children and six adults debt in connecticut. there are reports that the mother may have been seeking mental-health treatment for her son, adam l
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
meaningful contributions to ensure that this does not happen again. >> on the very morning of the connecticut shooting, some of the nation's top experts on school discipline were having a conversation here in maryland about troubled students. hundreds of educators from all over the country met to share notes on where to draw the line when it comes to suspending or expelling students. nationwide, more than 3 million students were sent home from school. in maryland, almost 60,000 students were suspended. >> if a child cannot read, they act out. if the child does not have any support at home, let's provide that child a mentor in school to make sure they get the guidance they need. >> the state board of education has approved a new student discipline policy that comes up with ways to reduce non-violent offenses instead of suspensions. meanwhile, pink slips are going to hundreds of baltimore city temporary employees. this could be as early as friday. this has put quite a few school principals in a tight spot. our education reporter tim tooten has the story. tim? >> it is the season to be jobless.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4